September 7, 2014

Hermann Park…

Hermann Park is an expansive 445 acre park located near Houston’s museum district. In essence it is the equivalent to New York City’s Central Park. The park includes art installations, a japanese garden, peddle boats, a train, natural history museum, golf course, zoo, and the list goes on. My favorite part was stumbling upon Patrick Dougherty’s stickwork art installation Boogie Woogie. It has an otherworldly eerie feel located in the park, especially when no other park goers can be found. The park is expansive and you could easily spend several days enjoying all the activities available.

September 7, 2014

Japanese Gardens…

My love for plants and all things beautiful took me to the Japanese Garden hidden away in Hermann Park, Houston, Texas.  It’s a peaceful quiet place that is visually stunning. Waterfalls, flowers, koi fish, ponds, bridges, it has it all. It’s a great place to get lost for a few hours amid the city bustle of Houston.

September 5, 2014

The Spindletop, Houston, Texas…

A quick weekend visit in Houston took me to the Spindletop restaurant, which is exactly what it sounds like, a slowly revolving restaurant overlooking downtown Houston. One entire rotation takes roughly around 30 minutes, which is also how long it can take to find the restroom and return to your seat, since nothing is in the same place as when you left.  It was a very delicious three course meal served all while rotating slowly and romantically (or not so romantically since I was dining with my Mother) overlooking the city of Houston. Not only was the dining experience unique, the Spindletop spotted from around the city is pretty cool looking too.

September 4, 2014

September 4, 2014

A visit to the Gulf in Galveston, Texas…

I’ve been to both east and west coasts numerous times and now finally got to experience the Texas gulf coast. I visited the gulf towns of Galveston & Kemah, where there happens to be some pretty landscape, waves, and a dedicated beach scene. Not really my beach scene, but one nonetheless. Imagine cowboys + the beach. Weird. I was surprised to find many surfers out in none to favorable conditions, but I guess you have to take what you can get. Any day at the beach is better than not, right?

September 4, 2014

Kevin & Tara’s NYC Pier Engagement Session…

It’s always a compliment when other photographers ask you to photograph their wedding. Not only am I humbled, but excited to share in fellow photographer Kevin & Tara’s wedding next year. To begin the whole wedding process we met up last week on Pier 64 in NYC, where they shared their first kiss. The pier is a beautiful romantic setting, especially at sunset, and a perfect place to take engagement photos. After a few hours, some wine, and a great sunset, the session came to a wrap. It was an awesome evening capturing these two together.

September 3, 2014

August 19, 2014

Letchworth State Park…

Summer is definitely busy! This month is jammed packed with traveling all over (Maine, Houston, Chicago, and Vancouver), but I couldn’t be more happy to spend a few days in western upstate New York, especially in the southern tier where I am originally from and have so many fond memories of. A trip to the area wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Letchworth State Park (the grand canyon of the east, as the internet says). I was able to combine two of my favorite things, photography and hiking and spent a few hours hiking around enjoying the views and scenery before the sun went down. The park is 17 miles long and I wish I had had more time to traverse the entire length, but when you have two photographers constantly taking photos you don’t cover much ground. I guess I will just have to make a return trip!

August 18, 2014

Baby on the way…

I’m happy to announce that Lynne & Simon are expecting their first child! I had the pleasure of meeting these two way back in college and photographing their beautiful wedding in 2012. Now I am fortunate enough to photograph them together again with their little one on the way in our neighborhood of Jersey City. I can’t wait to meet baby Ingall in 2015!

August 16, 2014

Beach Babes…

When your friends have babies, you have to photograph them right? Recently, I was able to meet and photograph my good friend and makeup artist Nicole Francavilla’ssecond daughter Hailey. Not only did I get to meet Hailey, but I got to see her other daughter who I have been photographing through the years. It was the cutest day at the beach with these babes.

August 14, 2014

"Ultramarine" editorial…

New swim & summer inspired editorial on

Hair/Mu- Liz Washer                                                                                     Model- Danielle (Q Management)

August 14, 2014

Kristen & Kyle’s Brooklyn Wedding…

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Kristen & Kyle’s romantic Brooklyn wedding at the chic green building near their home in DUMBO. With a deep love and affection for Brooklyn, the couple were excited to share all their favorite aspects of the area with their friends and family on their wedding day, which came complete with a step by step map of their favorite coffee shop, restaurants, and views of the Manhattan skyline. Kristen and Kyle are the kind of laid back couple every photographer dreams of. They wanted their wedding day to unfold and be captured naturally, without a lot of set up shots. With Kristen’s thorough and well done planning the day went by beautifully and smoothly, and I was happy to be a part of it. Enjoy!

August 14, 2014

Fire Island…

Summer is finally here and I was lucky enough to spend a recent weekend on Fire Island. The island is a weird and cool carless beach bum place filled with sand galore and enough nightlife to keep anyone hungover a day or two. I spent most of the time burning in the sun exploring the islands long and skinny shoreline by bicycle, which lead me to visit several of the towns, a sunken forest, the iconic lighthouse, and hoards of NYC beach bums. 

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